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News & Updates

    • Coast Cleanup – Invasive Plant Removal in McNabney Marsh - Saturday, September 16 9:30 am – 11:30 am Please join us on Coast Cleanup Day – September 16 – to remove invasive stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens) from the edges of McNabney Marsh. Stinkwort was first reported in California (Santa Clara County) in 1984. It has now spread to 36 counties including Contra Costa. Stinkwort is not […]
    • Otter photo The River Otter Ecology Project (ROEP) Produces Second Report for MVSD - MVSD and ROEP began a partnership in September 2016 to better understand the population of North American River Otters in the Peyton Slough Wetlands. This second report from ROEP highlights what was learned in the first 10 months of the study including otter presence, abundance and habitat use within Moorhen and McNabney marshes, sex ratios, […]
    • Ecological Scent Detection Dogs: On the Lookout for Western Pond Turtle Nests! - MVSD’s Moorhen Marsh, a 21-acre freshwater constructed wetland, is home to approximately 150 western pond turtles (WPT), including nesting turtles. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife considers the western pond turtle (Actinemys marmorata) as a Species of Special Concern and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering a proposal to list it […]

Senate Bill 272

In October of 2015, the State of California enacted Senate Bill 272 requiring local agencies to make publicly available a list of enterprise systems used throughout each agency.  An enterprise system is defined as a software application that collects, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses or one that serves as an original data source.

The full text of SB 272 can be found here.

In accordance with Senate Bill 272, Mt. View Sanitary District has made available the following list of enterprise systems it utilizes: Here