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To protect the public health and environment, in a safe and reliable manner, at a reasonable cost.
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The Mt. View Sanitary District (MVSD) provides wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services for the northeasterly portion of the City of Martinez and adjacent unincorporated lands to the northeast. The District collaborates with the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) to provide a permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection facility and disposal services for the central portion of the county. MVSD has a franchise agreement with Allied Waste (parent company to Pleasant Hill Bayshore Disposal) for Allied Waste to provide trash collection, recycling, and disposal services within the unincorporated area of MVSD’s boundaries.

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MVSD is an independent district, formed in 1923 pursuant to the Sanitary District Act of 1923 (Health & Safety Code §6400 et seq.). MVSD serves an estimated population of 19,000 residents consisting of 908 residential and 280 commercial, industrial and institutional sewer connections. The District’s service area is approximately 4.7 square miles. The District’s sphere of influence (SOI) encompasses an additional 1.6 square miles and primarily includes an area of 1.46 square miles of industrially zoned land to the north of the District’s boundary as well as an island within the center of the District of 0.14 square miles that is in agricultural use. The SOI area to the north of the District is designated as heavy industrial to the west of I-680 and open space and parks and recreation to the east of I-680.

The District’s wastewater collection system is located in the rolling hills in and surrounding Martinez and serves three zones or watersheds. The collection system includes four pumping stations and 73 miles of sewer pipelines ranging in diameter from 6 to 24 inches.

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