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Board Members

Election Procedure/Deadlines

The District is an independent public agency, governed by a five-person Board of Directors. The Directors are elected “at large” from the District’s electorate and serve a four year term. Their election is governed by the California Elections Code. For further information on elections, please visit the Contra Costa County Election Department website.

The California Election Code currently requires general district elections to choose a successor for each elective officer whose term will expire on the first Friday in December following the election to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in each even-numbered year. In the event of a mid-term vacancy on the Board of Directors the District fills the vacancy in accordance with the provisions of California Government Code 1780.

Fair Political Practices CommissionForm 806


How to Communicate with Board Members

The District as a public agency is subject to the Brown Act. To ensure compliance and avoid a serial meeting, we have established a special email account that allows the public to communicate with all Board Members while maintaining compliance with the Brown Act. By sending your email to your communication can be timely shared with the District Board.


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