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District Code


With its origin in existing District ordinances and practices, the Mt. View Sanitary District Code, was first adopted in 2010 and substantially amended and reissued in 2013 and again in 2018 after completion of the 2017 Wastewater Capacity Charge Study. The Code is intended to organize the rules, regulations, and policies of the District in an accessible document for District officials, employees, and members of the public.

Organized by subject matter, each section in the Code designates, in sequence, the numbers of the chapter and section. Thus, section is Section 2.2.1 located in Chapter 5. In parentheses following each section is a reference to the specific ordinance which established the provisions of that section. Amendments are indicated by an additional parenthetical reference. Statutory references in the Code refer users to those portions of the State of California statutes that are applicable to the regulations of the District.

When the Code is amended, Supplements which contain the amendments will be transmitted by memorandum. The memorandum will identify the Supplement by number and by date of issuance. The Supplement will identify the enacting ordinance and date of the amendments. It will also contain an Insertion Guide which indicates the pages to be removed and the pages to be inserted. The Insertion Guide will also indicate the number of the section revised, the section title, the pages to be inserted, and a comment regarding the reason for the revision.

The Appendix to the Code contains a Supplement History Table. Updates to the Supplement History Table will be provided with the memorandum transmitting each Supplement. The updated Supplement History Table should be inserted into the Appendix and maintained together with the transmittal memorandums of the Supplements as they are issued.

Chapter 1: Definitions, PDFChapter 2: General Provisions Governing District Organization and Operations, PDFChapter 3: Regulations Governing the Use of Wastewater Facilities, PDFChapter 4: Regulations Governing the Construction Of Wastewater Facilities, PDFChapter 5: Permits, PDFChapter 6: Easements, PDFChapter 7: Fees, Rates and Charges and Other Financial Matters, PDFTable 7.1 RatesTable 7.2 Capacity FeesTable 7.3 User Service FeesChapter 8: Refuse, PDFChapter 9: Waivers, PDFChapter 10: Enforcement, PDFChapter 11: Appeals, PDFSupplement History TableSupplement No. 1 MemorandumSupplement No. 2 MemorandumSupplement No. 3 MemorandumSupplement No. 4 MemorandumSupplement No. 7 MemorandumSupplement No. 8 MemorandumSupplement No. 9 MemorandumSupplement No. 10 Memorandum
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