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Recycled Water

Through the partnership between Mt. View Sanitary District (MVSD) and Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD), MVSD customers are eligible to get free recycled water from CCCSD.  Recycled water can be used to hand-water lawns, gardens and landscaping. It should not be consumed or allowed to run off into storm drains.

How and When to Get Free Recycled Water

  • The recycled water fill station is located at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility (HHWCF), 4797 Imhoff Place, Martinez
  • Hours are: Monday-Saturday, 7 am – 2 pm, closed Sundays. (Hours may vary. During wet weather and holidays, please call to confirm hours.) Call 925-335-7717 for the latest Fill Station information.
  • Prior to using the filling station for the first time, you must read and fill out a Residential Recycled Water Use Application/Agreement and receive training on the proper use of recycled water. We encourage you to read and complete the form before your visit.
  • Bring your own containers, minimum size 1 gallon, which must have water-tight lids and be secured for safe transport.
  • Garbage cans — metal or plastic — are not acceptable recycled water containers. If you bring these containers to the fill station you will be turned away.
  • The maximum fill per trip is 300 gallons. There is no limit on number of trips.
  • Note that water is heavy!When hauling Recycled Water from our fill station, please be aware that water is heavy! Make sure your vehicle can safely handle the load, and allow for longer stopping distances. A full 10-gallon container of water weighs more than 80 pounds; a 100-gallon container weighs more than 800 pounds.
  • What Does it Weigh? Conversion chart from gallons to pounds.

For more information about the residential recycled water fill station, please contact via email at or call 925-335-7717.

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