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Connecting Kids with Wildlife

Do you want to help kids break away from TV, phone, tablet, and computer screens? Getting kids outside for hands-on learning and adventure can make that break away time much more rewarding and bird watching (aka “birding”) can be an effective gateway to broader nature exploration. Getting started with birding is fast and inexpensive and it can happen in your own back yard or community park. It’s easy to learn to identify many of the birds that live close to you along with their most common behaviors. Introduce your children or students to the mallard, snowy egret, or red-tailed hawk, and they will have new friends to enjoy for a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Karen James

We recommend the links below to help get kids started with bird watching:

For additional information on connecting kids with wildlife, checkout our education partner the Lindsay Wildlife Experience’s website here:

Wherever you are in the world, it is always fun to get outside and enjoy the birds!

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