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Carpet Recycling

carpet recycling

Did you know that California is the first state to require a statewide carpet recycling program designed and implemented by carpet manufacturers with CalRecycle oversight? The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) is the stewardship organization that implements the program.

Why should we recycle carpet?

Carpet is largely made of plastic from fossil fuels, and it also contains a wide range of chemicals (PFAS), used as adhesives and stain protectants. These chemicals can affect indoor air quality in homes or leach into drinking water supplies and can be toxic to human health. By reusing or recycling your used carpet pads and carpets, you help keep these chemicals out of the environment, reduce overall disposal costs, and save landfill space.

Where can I recycle my carpet?

Ask your retailer about recycling options or search for the nearest recycling center at Carpet must be free of debris and contamination to be recycled. Call ahead to ensure the recycling center is open and accepts your carpet type.

To learn more about the carpet materials management program, visit

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