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Emergency Preparedness

emergency preparedness icons for a plan, kit, and information

Are you prepared for an emergency or disaster?

There are three basic things that you can do to get started:

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Build a Kit
  3. Be Informed


be informed

There are low and no cost ways to prepare including knowing what kind of disasters and emergencies are common in your area, storing important phone numbers somewhere other than your phone, and signing up for emergency alerts from your city, county or state.

You'll find a list at to help you get started today.

Sign up for outage alerts and learn what to during a power outage from PG&E.



Your plan will need to be tailored to your houshold's specific needs. Discuss with your family and friends your needs and how you will contact each other if you're separated.  Put your plan into action by practicing.

The Red Cross has information on making a plan in 3 steps. You can find it HERE.

You can also order preparedness publications from FEMA with their online form.



A disaster supplies kit has basic items, like water, food, and other supplies that your family may need for several days after an emergency. Download a checklist HERE.



Home Fire Safety



Contra Costa County Emergency Alerts & Responses

California Office of Emergency Services

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

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