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The Solution to Pollution

Hazardous waste generated by residents and businesses can reach our waterways through sewers, stormdrains and landfills to pollute the local environment. This new facility will help prevent pollution by offering a convenient means for proper disposal of household hazardous waste.
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San) has teamed up with the Mt. View Sanitary District (MVSD) to build and operate the first permanent Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility in Contra Costa County.

The HHW Collection Facility is located adjacent to Central San’s wastewater treatment plant in Martinez, south of Solano Way from Highway 4.

Hazardous waste generated from households in the central Contra Costa County area will be accepted at no charge.
Small businesses will be charged a nominal disposal fee, based on the type and quantity of waste to be disposed. Please call 1-800-646-1431 for more information.

To keep hazardous waste disposal to a minimum, the HHW Collection Facility offers a reuse program where residents and business can take usable products at no charge. Available are pesticides, herbicides, automotive products, cleaning products and paints. Anti-freeze, used motor oil, and car batteries will be recycled off site.
The facility was constructed using various materials with recycled contents such as newspapers, plastics and glass from community recycling programs, to “close the recycling loop”.
The Facility also features a “less toxic garden” using Integrated Pest Management techniques which maintain a healthy garden without using toxic chemicals to control pests.

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