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Capital Improvement Program - UV Disinfection Replacement Update (11/2022)

MVSD UV Disinfection

The 10-year Capital Improvement Program encompasses several projects at the plant. One of the largest projects that continues to progress is the UV Disinfection Replacement. The UV Disinfection employs two channels for wastewater to be processed through. Both UV channels’ stop plates and frames were installed. UV channel 1 was taken offline, so the new UV equipment and main isolation gate could be installed.  After successful testing and commissioning of the new equipment, Channel 1 has been brought back online. UV channel 2 is now offline with the same installations currently in progress.


A temporary motor control center (MCC) has also been installed and brought online. An existing structural canopy over the existing MCC was demolished, and a new, larger steel canopy was constructed.


A significant amount of piping and mechanical work was completed for the new class 3 water reuse pump station, whose construction included installation of the hydropneumatic tank and appurtenances. Electrical installations continue in all these areas, along with the slide gate in Diversion Box A being replaced. Repairs to cracked and spalling concrete at the edges of equipment pits, diversion boxes, and other various locations around the plant are ongoing.


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