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Cleaning Your Lateral

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Your sanitary sewer lateral runs from your home or business to the connection at the mainline. Your lateral is the private property of the building owner, who is responsible for the costs of maintaining it. There are many reasons why your sanitary sewer lateral may require attention. Roots and clogs are two of the most common causes.

In the event of your lateral being cleaned by yourself or a professional, make a courtesy call to MVSD at 925-228-5635. As you are discharging the things clogging your lateral and sending them into the mainline, an alert to our team allows them to take preventative measures, if necessary, at the public main sewer line to ensure that everything keeps flowing.

Any repairs to your sanitary sewer lateral performed by you and/or a plumber/contractor require a permit because it affects MVSD treatment or discharge processes. Learn more about permits at Questions can be sent to or you can call the MVSD office at 925-228-5635. 

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