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It's Not Too Late!

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The Wetlands Education Program is almost halfway through the 2023-2024 school year, but there’s still time and availability for local students to participate this winter and spring! The program remains complimentary thanks to various grant programs, private donations, and revenues from MVSD’s cell tower and billboard leases.  There are two educational opportunities available: field trips to the MVSD treatment plant and Moorhen Marsh and classroom experiences.

The 4-hour field trip program features a tour of the MVSD wastewater treatment plant and a wetlands hike in Moorhen Marsh.  The treatment plant tour gives students a first-hand look at how wastewater is treated so it can be safely returned to the environment and how everyone can help keep our creeks and waterways clean by learning what is safe to pour down the drain.

On the wetlands hike in Moorhen Marsh, students look for mammal signs like tracks and scat. Students learn how to find and observe birds and the dip-netting activities allow for close-up inspection of a variety of fish and invertebrate species while learning about water pollution and aquatic animal adaptations.

For the 1-hour classroom experience, teachers select from two programs: Craft a Wetland Creature or Water Quality for Life. These programs explore the diversity of the wetland ecosystem specific to Moorhen Marsh, how the species within this ecosystem are interconnected, and how sources of pollution can affect the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

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