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Stop the Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) from Choking our Sewers and Waterways

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(Artwork courtesy of Delta Diablo Sanitation District, Antioch)

Only you can contain the horror.  Underneath your home, an oozing menace lurks – the F.O.G.  Part FATS, part OILS, and part GREASE, F.O.G. can pollute our waterways, choke our sewers and cause monstrous plumbing problems.

F.O.G. causes blockages of drain and sewer lines the same way that greasy food causes blockage of the arteries in our bodies.  When grease is poured down sinks, it can solidify and sticks to the insides of your sewer pipes.  Over time pipes can decrease in diameter with the buildup of F.O.G.  This can cause sewer backups into houses or onto streets.  Running water – hot or cold or with soap – doesn’t help!  It will cool and harden in the sewer line.

Sometimes F.O.G. is obvious, for example, cooking oil, lard, butter and margarine, shortening, bacon grease and meat fat trimmings.  At other times, it is less apparent as in sauces and salad dressings.

Don’t pour cooking oil, grease or greasy food down the drain.  Always trap F.O.G. in a sealed container and put it in the trash.  Wipe away any residual grease or oil on dishes, pots or pans with a paper towel before washing them.

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