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Toilets Are Not Trash Cans

Toilets are not for diapers, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, personal wipes, fabric dryer sheets, feminine products, dental floss, rags, toys, cooking grease, expired cough medicine and cold pills.  Disposable wipes, even flushable wipes, should not go down the drain.  Even though some products are labeled as flushable, no materials, except toilet paper, are truly flushable.

When inappropriate items are flushed down the toilet, they clog sewer pipes and create backups that cost time and money to clear.  Our sewer systems are not designed to accommodate anything other than human waste.  These types of products are not flushable and cause blockages which lead to overflows.  Overflows require expensive emergency response from our crews and leads to environmental consequences.

Repair and cleanup can also be pricey for homeowners.  Calling a plumber to clear a backup can cost $200 or more.  If the sewer lateral needs to be replaced, it can run upwards of $5,000.  Furthermore, sewage that overflows in a home can contaminate carpet and walls.

Please only flush human waste and toilet paper into your toilet.  Refer to the articles below to properly dispose of medical sharps, fats, oils, grease, etc.

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