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Be a FOG Boss at the BBQ

grease grill

The start of summer brings back swimming, camping, and you can’t forget, outdoor BBQs. Just thinking about it reminds you of the delicious aromas of steak, burger, chicken, and even vegetables on the grill! With all of that juicy goodness comes fats, oils, and grease (FOG) on your grill and in the drip pan.

You can be a “FOG Boss” this summer and make sure that all of those drippings are placed in a can, the excess is scraped onto paper towels, and then placed in your green cart or compost. You can also save yourself some clean up by using a grill mat. A high-quality grill mat will act as a barrier and prevent your food from coming into contact with the grate, making less mess to clean and they wipe off easily.

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