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State of the District

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On March 12, 2022, Mt. View Sanitary District hosted our Annual Strategic Plan Workshop to review the District’s progress in 2021 in regards to the plan’s goals and objectives as expressed through the District’s mission and vision. The Board of Directors, MVSD staff, and members of the Community Advisory Group attended.

The District’s mission is to protect the public health and the environment, in a safe and reliable manner, at a reasonable cost. In support of our mission in 2021, MVSD proudly reported no public impacts, no regulatory enforcement actions or fines, and no negative environmental impacts to receiving waters from District operations.

The 2021 goals of the Sanitary Sewer Management Plan and the Collection System capital projects were executed successfully and remain on target. Two Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects were completed in early 2021. The biotower pumps and discharge pipes replacement project replaced one pump, rehabilitated another, and replaced the discharge elbows and associated piping. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System saw upgrades in its hardware components and software programs. The District’s efficiency and functionality have improved as a result.

Customer service, public education, information, and outreach were enhanced in 2021 with the addition of our new Public Outreach Coordinator, interactions with the community through clean-up events and our social media platforms, quarterly newsletters, environmental education, and overall, transparency.

Mt. View Sanitary District is proud to serve the public and committed to our continuing mission.

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