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Did You Know?

lateral with overflow protection device

Did you know that your sanitary sewer lateral is the private property of the building owner, who is responsible for all the costs related to its repair and maintenance? Your home’s sanitary sewer lateral consists of the upper lateral, typically installed within two feet of the building structure to the property line and the lower lateral, which is installed from the property line to a fitting that connects to the mainline. A  permit is required for any work performed on your lateral and can be obtained by calling MVSD at 925-228-5635 ext.10 or email to

Protect your home investment by locating your sewer cleanout and installing an overflow protection device. Your cleanout is typically found outside your home or just behind the sidewalk on your property. This will be a pipe with a screw cap that has a square knob or indentation on the top.

An overflow protection device, also known as a sewer relief valve or popper, is designed to help you avoid costly repairs or damage caused by a sewage backup. It allows sewage to escape outside the home in the event of a lateral blockage and provides an access point to clear and inspect your lateral. Consult a professional to ensure proper installation and maintenance.

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